The Epic Flag

  Are you up to the challenge? Test your skills! See if you can find the flag(s)!


There are 5 flags in this web app; anyone who discovers all 5 flag values and emails them to us at will receive an awesome prize! Be the first to find and report all 5 flags and your prize will be that much more awesome!



We’re not your mom or anything, but we figured it would be good to lay down a few ground rules:

1. Don’t be a jerk. The point of H3 is to have fun and learn. We’ll be moderating the challenge, keeping the peace, and poking around a bit to see how you guys are doing.
2. The only thing we are giving you permission to hack is the flag provided at; If you hack anything else, you run a high risk of being in a world of trouble. Only hack
3. Don’t cheat! This is a not team based challenge! Sharing the flag values with others who haven’t earned it makes people who have actually done the work to get the values seem less awesome, and we want to be able to recognize that awesomeness.


A Quick Side Note: We are monitoring all activity on this ip. We’re doing this so we can not only verify that you’re playing by the rules, but also so we can see what you’ve done. Who knows, you might do something so ridiculously brilliant that we ask you to talk about it during the event or we give you a cookie (the edible kind) or both!