H3C2 2012

H3C2 Spring 2012

H3C2 or H3 Campus Challenge was inspired by the widely known DARPA Network Challenge.  The challenge was held April 1st – 7th, 2012 at the Georgia Tech Atlanta Campus.  Similar to a scavenger hunt H3C2 contained 10 “flags” (unique, unencrypted, wireless access points) that were scattered and activated throughout campus. Approximately 20 teams competed to locate as many flags as possible. The top ten teams were asked to present a short brief describing their strategy and approach to the challenge. 

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H3C2 Front Page

Building on its annual individual hacking challenges, Hungry Hungry Hackers (H3) presents the H3 Campus Challenge (H3C2), a “find the flags” event built on teamwork that engages the broader Campus Community.

H3C2 was a weeklong event beginning Sunday, April 1, 2012. at 8 a.m. Ten Wireless access points, which served as the competition’s “flags”, were activated throughout the Georgia Tech Campus; teams had until noon on April 7 to locate as many flags as possible. Winners were announced at 6 p.m. and congratulated at an awards ceremony. The competition was inspired in part by the DARPA Network Challenge.

Don’t do anything illegal or violate campus policies. If you do, you may be subject to ridicule, prosecution, and immediate disqualification from the game


Don’t touch/modify/jam/move/etc any of the ten approved wireless access points. If you want to know if something is against the rules, ask us
1st Place: $1000 Technology Shopping Spree


2nd Place: $500 Technology Shopping Spree


3rd Place: $250 Technology Shopping Spree


Find three flags?: Get shirts for you team! (Max 10 per team)


H3C2 is a free event that we hope to continue next year.