So we have a few rules and requirements (subject to change) and we really think you should read them. Why? Because if you violate them, we reserve the right to disqualify you and kick you out of the competition. Also if you don’t bring all the recommended items, you could be at a huge disadvantage.


What do I need to bring?

  • your Student ID.
  • You must have a way to connect to both wired and wireless networks. You can do this with one computer or you can do this with 2 computers. Just make sure you can do it. Note that if you can’t connect to a wired network you will not be able to connect to the competition network.
  • your registration confirmation; this should have been emailed to you. If you didn’t receive an email confirmation, something went wrong with the registration process. Let us know, and we’ll help you sort it out.
  • your thinking cap and your sense of humor.


What if registration fills up? What do I do?

  • We recommend registering as early as possible to secure your spot.
  • If registration does fill up before you have the chance to register, we will run a wait list.  This wait list will also be first come, first serve.


What are the rules for the competition?

  1. Don’t be a jerk; Attacking your fellow H3’s isn’t very nice AND will result in immediate ejection from the competition.
  2. Have fun! Not only is H3 is intended to be a learning experience for everyone, it is also meant to be fun 🙂
  3. Please do not delete any log files; We use this information to track who has completed which portions of the competition.
  4. No Denial of Service Attacks or ARP Poisoning, please and thank you.
  5. For the contest, you will be given a range of IP addresses that point to vulnerable hosts; Don’t attack anyone/anything else. We will take your points away.
  6. Do not spoof your MAC address – especially if you want to get any points for any of your accomplishments.
  7. If you do anything stupid or illegal, you may be subject to ridicule and prosecution.